Westbeat Amsterdam

A façade with a wow effect

The new West Beat building complex creates a link between the centre of Amsterdam and the Nieuw-West district. The façade with its striking window arches, anodised in light bronze by Alucol, unmistakably contributes to the building's wow effect.

The multifunctional West Beat contains 150 flats, a ground floor with working, cultural and meeting zones, and an underground car park. The ground floor, the so-called Super Space, is an open space of 65x50 metres with an 8.5-metre-high ceiling.

The aluminium window frames were bent and machined by specialist Kersten on behalf of Intal. Alucol colored the 36 arches in the light bronze shade Colinal C31. Border samples were created to avoid colour differences. "The cooperation was perfect. If parts were missing or damaged, we had to act quickly. Normally you have a long delivery time for anodised parts. But Alucol responded quickly and competently to all our requests. That is worth a lot in a complex project like this," Marc de Boer, project manager at Intal, summarises the cooperation.

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