Upstairs apartments in the Paleiskwartier district, Den Bosch

Upstairs apartments in the Paleiskwartier district, Den Bosch

Alucol anodised window profiles for the Upstairs residential tower in the Paleiskwartier district in partnership with V.P.G. Aluminium Ramen en Geveltechniek B.V.

The Paleiskwartier district borders the old city centre of Den Bosch and is an area for living, working and recreation. The residential building is located at the south-eastern corner of the district. The top floors resemble a twisted tower with each floor cantilevering out further in stages. The building in two-tone brickwork forms a crown-shaped finial on the top floor.

"It was a substantial job," says Sander Mols, Operational Director of V.P.G. "The project involves 63 flats with a total of 447 window frames and a commercial base floor. The aluminium window profiles were anodised in the bronze coloured Colinal C32. In close consultation with Alucol, the entire process was tightly but feasibly planned so that the anodising was implemented smoothly. Alucol even took care of the entire transport and supported us in this as well. In short, a successful collaboration that makes us want more!"

The striking building is easily visible from all sides thanks to its prominent location. The beautiful bronze tone of the window frames underlines the robust look and warm appearance of the building. We are proud of our contribution to the modern Paleiskwartier.

Client: Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Paleiskwartier

Architect: Hilberink Bosch Architects

Fa├žade builder: V.P.G. Aluminium Ramen en Geveltechniek B.V.

Realisation: Spring 2020

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