Nyon school and sports complex Swiss

The Swiss city of Nyon is growing, and that created a need for a new school and a sports complex. To meet this need, the architect designed a public, park-like environment with a large basin, meadows and trees. The sports complex includes public sports facilities, gyms and a swimming pool. The elongated school building supports, both architecturally and visually, the indoor swimming pool with the multifunctional gymnasium.

The architect made three separate buildings into one unit by applying vertical, anodized and coloured aluminium profiles. They are finished in the colour Sandalor Gold. This exceptional colour creates a unique, ever-changing play of light that is a great fit with the park-like environment. The vertical profiles give the buildings a nice regular rhythm. Solid aluminium or glass panels are installed between the profiles.

It is a very energy-efficient building. The flat roofs are covered in planting and act a as a rainwater buffer before it discharges into drainpipes. And there are more than 850 m2 of solar, thermal and photovoltaic panels on the roofs.

· Client: Hevron SA

· Architect: Itten Brechbühl in Lausanne

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