Nhow RAI hotel Amsterdam


For the facades of the 91-metre-high Nhow RAI hotel in Amsterdam, 37,000m² was natural anodised aluminium and 10,000m² polished. The Nhow RAI hotel is the largest hotel in the Benelux. This special design hotel of the NH group was designed by architect Reinier de Graaf, partner at OMA in Rotterdam. His source of inspiration was the prominent advertising column 'The Signal' at the RAI.

The vertical articulation in the facade consists of no less than 4,000 natural anodised fin profiles, alternating between matt and polished.

Alucol was approached by facade builder Rollecate as early as in the preliminary phase in order to ensure that the entire process ran as smoothly as possible. The fin profiles have an enormous size: almost 900 millimetres. Two pieces were each linked together to form the intended façade image: a V-element. Due to the large volume, Alucol first mapped out the logistic flows and then supervised the entire process and carried out the anodising.

The 25-storey hotel tower is located right next to the A10 in Amsterdam and has 650 rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. Each room reflects the six main directions of the building: North, North West, East, South, South West and South East. Because of this location, a layer thickness of 25µ was chosen, 5µ more than the standard prescribed for the facade construction in the Netherlands.

A special project and a very good cooperation!


Clients: COD, Being development

Architect: OMA - Reinier de Graaf

Contractor: Pleijsierbouw

Facade builder: Rollecate

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