Holmestrand Station Oslo Norway

The construction of this station was special in every respect: in terms of geology, explosion technology, construction, acoustics, air pressure sizing, ventilation as well as fire safety. 150 metres behind the cliff, the station hall is 260 m long, 12 m high and 35 m wide, with two through tracks for high-speed trains and two platform tracks for trains that stop at Holmestrand. Passengers have access to the station via two portals, which seem to grow out of the mountain slope on the basis of material and geometric shapes. 

Alucol has 15,000m² of perforated aluminium cassettes anodised in Champagne A3. Everything is equipped with 20-25 micron, even the sub-frame and mounting brackets are anodized in the color Colinal C4.

Architect: Gottlieb Paludan Architects, Copenhagen Denmark

Photographer: Ramon van Dongen / Alucol

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