De Nieuwe Heikant, Tilburg

To the new Wagner square is De Nieuwe Heikant realized. A residential care centre with community facilities. The building complex will be part of one of the three residential care service zones  in Tilburg. There are 30 new nursing home places, 82 home nursing residential places, and 186 care homes.

In the complex is the theme Meeting central. A high level of facilities with a variety of features such as a restaurant and a grand café makes it possible that both residents can meet each other.

In order to reduce the complex of buildings in terms of scale, the various building parts got its own identity.
The different buildings are like ships moored to a single storey plinth, on which a common roof garden is realized. In this plinth are also two large courtyards or patios included.

The building has an open character. An inviting public route through the building, the main entrance under the tower to the underlying district performs, offers interesting by views and invites the visitor to linger and make use of the restaurant facilities.

The building complex will get a tough character, but at the same time something has frivools by a careful and fine detailing.

The plan contains:

186 Care houses
  30 Nursing Places
  82 Nursing home places
    8 Guest Rooms

Neighborhood-oriented facilities, including:

• Health Cluster
• Social Centre
• Zalencentrum

Realization: 2010 - 2013


Ordering party:
Wonen Breburg, Tilburg
Stichting De Wever, Tilburg

Key figures: gross floor area: 35,000 m²




Applied in this project

  • Brushing
  • Anodising
  • Grinding
  • Nanodising
  • Colouring
  • Polishing