Aluminium colours

Alucol specialises in colour anodising. Colour anodising is a complex process that requires knowledge, experience and the correct engineering of the colouring bath. The process parameters are strictly controlled during the colouring process. Any small deviation in temperature, current density or chemical composition of the fluid will immediately cause colour differences in the aluminium products.

Please see below for available colours.

Colouring aluminium


EV1 - Naturel


A2 - Titanium


C31 - Very light bronze
C32 - Light bronze
C33 - Medium bronze
C34 - Dark bronze
C35 - Black


GA1 - Champagne
EV2 - Light gold
EV3 - Dark gold

Bronze Gold

BG1200 - Very light bronze gold
BG1201 - Light bronze gold
BG1202 - Bronze gold
BG1203 - Middle bronze gold
BG1204 - Dark bronze gold