Anodising = Alucol

Alucol was established in 1971 and has become one of the largest independent batch anodising companies in Europe. Our core business is aluminium anodising and colouring, but we do more: Alucol offers a complete range of services to ensure our customers are confident of the end result. With our additional services – such as pre-treatment, stock management, order tracking, sawing, special- packaging, labelling, and transport – Alucol is your full-service partner when it comes to anodising.

As of 2016 Alucol B.V. became part of the BWB-Group. Alucol remains an independent operating entity within this group. The independently owned BWB-Group offers a diverse range of electrolytic, galvanic and chemical surface treatments. The company has 700 employees. This group has eleven companies in four countries, eight are located in Switzerland, one in Germany, one in Romania and now one in the Netherlands.

Alucol has identified 4 target areas: 'Architecture & Design', 'Extrusion', 'Long & Heavy' and 'Product & Application'. Each area requires a unique approach with regard to processing and organisation.

Anodising and Colouring

Alucol specialises in colour anodising. Our company name is derived from Aluminium Colouring. Alucol is the market leader in aluminium colouring in the Benelux.

Anodising up to 22 meters

In 2010 Alucol installed a second anodising line. We are the only company in the world that can anodise aluminium up to a length of 22 meters.