Alucol has developed a technique that makes the anodisation layer moisture and dirt-resistant.
This non-stick anodisation layer ensures that your aluminium stays clean for longer, thus reducing the cleaning frequency (and associated costs) whilst retaining your warranty.

As opposed to the existing technique, in which a transparent coating is applied onto the anodisation layer after anodising, Alucol has succeeded in impregnating the working nanoparticles into the anodisation layer. This creates a durable layer that is embedded in the anodisation layer and is resistant to corrosion. The method is cost-effective, given that this technique is integrated into the standard process.

Nanodising can be applied to any natural colour and to colour anodisation layers.

Maximum dimensions: 7,600 x 400 x 1,500 mm

Nanodiseren ® is a trademark of Alucol.