ISE Eindhoven

The design of the campus includes the Constant Rebecque monument restoration and renovation of barracks and redesignation of the barracks to International School Eindhoven. The most important buildings of the monumental ensemble served as detached buildings to remain respected. This fact led to the choice of an extensive basement, with the media library as the most important joint programme. It's a mystery unselfconscious way the ensemble because full experience on logistics and physically a unit is. The interventions in the existing architecture of the barracks are reluctant and at the same time, apparent deviating from the style idiom of the national monument. Design is by means of a contemporary low-profile detailing and materialization to maintain the focus on the monumental qualities. The same applies to the new construction, particularly specific and, at the same time respectful for the authentic ensemble.

For this project realized VPT Versteeg a specially developed facade cassette system, in which the façade image depending on the angle of vision is different. Alucol has the anodization in gold VOM 2 cared for this special cassettes. The Golden anodized panels come with perforation and by squeeze. Behind the perforated panels are panels with printed images integrated into the system. Through a special technique are two images printed, which alternately visible. This technique is a derivative of the so called Moiré effect.In addition, various Windows behind the perforated facade, giving the facade a unit remains and the facade also has a sun protection function. The building has been nominated for BNA Best building of the year 2014.


Applied in this project

  • Brushing
  • Anodising
  • Grinding
  • Nanodising
  • Colouring
  • Polishing